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Some of our favourite seasonal settings can be found below.

  • Victorian Blue & Aynsley St. Clair
  • Peacock Garden Plates
  • Red Paisley with Robert Sprays
  • Strawberry Thief by Spode
  • Fitz & Floyd Toulouse Blue
  • Spode All Over Green

Seasonal Food and Flora


Here are some of our favourite seasonal recipes.

Cock a Leekie Soup

Chicken and leek soup is a Scottish staple, and there are as many variations on the recipe as there are Scots, it seems. Some are thickened with barley, some with rice, and some not at all. I elected to go with a modicum of barley, just to add some body. The result is... read more

Raspberry Cranachan Parfaits

Raspberry Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert, though I would imagine it was made with bottled or preserved raspberries back in the day, rather than frozen or fresh. Most recipes call for the oats to be stirred directly into the whipped cream. This recipe... read more

Scottish Tart

A delicious whisky laced, dried fruit and nut filled flan. It’s kind of like the best possible buttertart-fruitcake you can imagine. Yum! This was the second sweet we served at our Robert Burns Dinner.   Scottish Tart 2018-01-20 06:10:03 Serves 10 A... read more

Beef Stew Braised With Guinness

Meltingly tender chunks of beef with toothsome potatoes, turnips, carrots and peas in a deep, rich gravy. Yum! Just the ticket for cold winter nights. The Guinness provides a depth of flavour and colour that is unbeatable. It makes winter almost enjoyable! This recipe... read more

Pumpkin Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Icing

This glorious pumpkin cake features several layers of flavour: a delicately crumbed cake with nutty undertones of browned butter, surrounded by creamy, slightly tangy cream cheese frosting, topped with the piquant spiciness of crystallized ginger in the nut medley.... read more

Flageolet Bean, Ham Hock & Chorizo Soup

Brrrrr. It’s freezing out! Time to make a stick-to-your ribs, hearty bean soup with lots of vegetables, tasty chunks of spicy chorizo sausage and lusciously tender ham hock.  This recipe is adapted from one in Carolyne Roehm’s Winter Notebook. I... read more

Entertablement Abroad


Enjoy our travel journal of castles, cathedrals, country houses, wonderful tableware and delicious meals.

Come at Dine at Highclere Castle

That’s the headline to the email that appeared in my inbox on Valentine’s Day. Well – that got my attention! A contest involving a dinner party? Tell me more! So I did click HERE. The prize is to be awarded to the host and seven of their chosen... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Oxford

The first episode of Series 5 of Endeavour, the British detective drama prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse series, is airing this evening on ITV in England. Then what exactly am I doing sitting in my house in Canada? Grrrr!!!! No word yet on when Series 5... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Gloucester Cathedral

When on holiday, some people do pub crawls. I tend more to Cathedral marathons, and Gloucester Cathedral is one of my all time favourites, largely due to the cloisters, the quadrangle of ancillary buildings to the Cathedral proper. Aren’t they gorgeous? They... read more

Entertablement Abroad: Chatsworth Insect Brooches

“Debo”, the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, collected insect brooches, among other quirky things such as Elvis memorabilia. Really. Elvis... As part of the House Style exhibit we saw on our recent tour of Chatsworth, a number of the brooches were... read more

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