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Some of our favourite seasonal settings can be found below.

  • Fitz & Floyd Toulouse Blue
  • Maxcera Blue Toile Bunny
  • Hawthorne Light Turquoise with Lilies of The Valley
  • Choisy le Roi French Rabbits for Higgins & Seiter
  • Grey Pier 1 Bunny Plates, Lavender Glasses
  • Bunny Bowls by Fitz & Floyd

Seasonal Food and Flora


Here are some of our favourite seasonal recipes.

Stacked Waldorf Salad

Apple season is upon us, and while I love all the braised, rich dishes that come with fall, a tangy, crunchy and fresh appetizer is always welcome.    This salad is from an old issue of Victoria Magazine (October 2014). I was intrigued by by the modern... read more

No-Bake Chocolate Mousse Pie

When it’s 90 degrees in the shade and the mere thought of turning on the oven makes you shudder, it’s time to break out the no-bake dessert recipes. After all, chocolate is a food group to be enjoyed in all weathers! Making the chocolate shards was a... read more

Raspberry Lime Rickey

We’ve had lots of family, big and small, here in the Cape over the last week. We were blessed with marvellous weather and spent many happy hours watching excited children dash in and out of the water, discover hermit crabs, dig holes for the tide to fill... read more

Tagliatelle with Prosciutto and Fresh Peas

We got the last of this season’s fresh English peas from Picone’s, our local family-owned green grocer. I’d used most of them in a giant batch of Summer Squash Succotash that the family had consumed with gusto, but had enough left to eke out two... read more


Pancakes are a weekend treat in our house. The grandchildren (and indeed, some adult “children”, ahem, Lauren) prefer them with chocolate chips. The rest of us like them plain or with fruit added. This is the basic recipe. After many years of throwing... read more

Braised Lamb with Roasted Provençal Vegetables

We’ve been incredibly lucky with a fairly mild winter so far here in Ontario, but the desire for fall-off-the-bones-tender meat still runs strong. We were planning a casual family dinner for an undetermined number of people over the holidays — a familiar... read more

Entertablement Abroad


Enjoy our travel journal of castles, cathedrals, country houses, wonderful tableware and delicious meals.

Come at Dine at Highclere Castle

That’s the headline to the email that appeared in my inbox on Valentine’s Day. Well – that got my attention! A contest involving a dinner party? Tell me more! So I did click HERE. The prize is to be awarded to the host and seven of their chosen... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Oxford

The first episode of Series 5 of Endeavour, the British detective drama prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse series, is airing this evening on ITV in England. Then what exactly am I doing sitting in my house in Canada? Grrrr!!!! No word yet on when Series 5... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Gloucester Cathedral

When on holiday, some people do pub crawls. I tend more to Cathedral marathons, and Gloucester Cathedral is one of my all time favourites, largely due to the cloisters, the quadrangle of ancillary buildings to the Cathedral proper. Aren’t they gorgeous? They... read more

Entertablement Abroad: Chatsworth Insect Brooches

“Debo”, the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, collected insect brooches, among other quirky things such as Elvis memorabilia. Really. Elvis... As part of the House Style exhibit we saw on our recent tour of Chatsworth, a number of the brooches were... read more

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