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Here are some of our favourite seasonal recipes.

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Entertablement Abroad


Enjoy our travel journal of castles, cathedrals, country houses, wonderful tableware and delicious meals.

Entertablement Abroad – England In The Spring

England in the Spring. Yes, it’s a bit damp (perhaps more than a bit damp), but you don’t really notice while feasting your eyes on the gardens, the castles, and the cathedrals. They’re lovely at any time of year, but spring takes the cake. I... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Toledo Cathedral Part II

The cloisters are on the north side of the cathedral, upon the site of the old Jewish Commercial District. As I mentioned in the previous blog, the doors of the cathedral used to stand open during the day, and townspeople used the aisles between the doors as a... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Toledo

Our next destination was Granada, and we decided to stop at Toledo on the way down.  As it was to be a short visit, we headed straight for the cathedral after parking the car. We navigated typically narrow Spanish streets, and a lot of stairs until we arrived at... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Madrid

Full confession:  I’m not very keen on Madrid. Maybe it was the weather (cold, blustery and rainy), maybe it was the recovery from jet lag (it was our first stop), and maybe it was simply not what I expected (lots of modern buildings, graffiti... read more

Entertablement Abroad – Chatsworth

Chatsworth was the highlight of our trip to Derbyshire. Seat of the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire, this property has made the transition from fusty country estate to an historical entity pulsating with energy and vitality. It is no wonder it’s been selected... read more

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