I seem to have a bird thing going these days, combined with a passion for series-ware. This peculiar combination had a very happy outcome, however: Gien’s Grand Ouiseaux set.

Gien Grand Ouiseaux-5744


After some internal debate, I decided on the luncheon plates, sized between a dinner plate and a salad plate, and vastly underrated as a tableware choice. The casual theme of these plates points them towards being used in the earlier part of the day, either for breakfast & brunch. They’re the perfect size for a pile of veggies with a side of protein, or a sandwich with a few crudités, or a poached egg on toast, and we find ourselves reaching for them more often than not. 

Gien Grand Ouiseaux-5747

While there are many colours in the overall set, the browns and yellows jumped out at me. Yellow primroses are readily available at this time of year, so in they went. I sourced the yellow dinner plates and the tortoise glasses and carafes are from Pier 1. The salt & pepper shakers and linens are from Williams Sonoma and were purchased some time ago.

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