It’s getting to that moment when we’re not yet ready to give up on the holiday decor but want to start moving away from the red and green combination.

Enter Evergreen Ernie! He’s a jolly, friendly fellow.

New Year is just around the corner with all its fresh possibilities.

And for us Northerners, likely a couple more months of snow. If only it could come pre-formed as cute snowmen, instead of blankets of the stuff that requires shifting.

Oh well! What can’t be cured…

I’ve had Evergreen Ernie for a few years now, having picked him up from Pfaltzgraff when they discontinued the pattern. He languished while I pondered how to style him. It wasn’t an obvious match.

The green apples did the trick, though. I had set another table using the greenery with pine cones when it occurred to me that I could augment them with the green berries (an obliging local shrub) and the ubiquitous Granny Smith.

I shoved good-sized twigs into the apples to anchor them in place, and the dogs were happy to consume the apples in their dinner for a few days afterwards. A win-win!

Once the green had been solved, the rest of the table fell into place.

The green glasses are from Williams Sonoma many years ago.

The dinner plate is Cambria from Pottery Barn, in Taupe (discontinued, but available from Replacements)  which is a huge plate.

It needed a bridge to Ernie, so I used Jardins du Monde salad plates from Juliska, 

Ernie comes in four guises. With bluebirds and a striped scarf.

Carrying a wreath while balancing blue and brown birds and sporting a checkered scarf

Fetching a small Christmas Tree. He apparently has a large scarf collection as this one is polka-dotted.

He’s augmenting his Christmas Tree collection in this one and has switched to a checkered scarf and a polka-dotted hat.

The plates were not an instant hit when I saw them, but they’ve really grown on me.

Of course, who can resist the snow angel and tree?

The napkins were also from Williams Sonoma, and about the same vintage as the glasses. The flatware is Danieli from World Market.

Our Christmas Eve was quite magical. The little girls are a perfect age – all Santa-believers, so we had much anticipation and excitement. The village table was a big hit; all the little figurines kept them well occupied throughout the meal. Maddie noticed so many details on the houses that I’d completely missed!

Ernie and I hope you had a marvellous Christmas and are anticipating the New Year with celebration and joy.

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