Daffodils abound right now – Cape Cod is awash in them. I’m drinking in every moment of their beauty. But when I was in Trader Joe’s for my fix of Dark Chocolate Caramels, I was seduced by these lusciously painted tulips. One doesn’t have to be monogamous with flowers, thank goodness. It would have been criminal to leave them languishing in the shop.

These Chintz appetizer plates are an old standby from Pier 1. They’re the perfect size for a little snack and lend a touch of colour to Broadway Yellow dinner plates by Mikasa and scallop edge green Aerin plates from Williams Sonoma (discontinued, sometimes available on eBay). 

It’s impossible to be grumpy looking at those happy plates.

Colonial Dame glasses by Fostoria took another bow.

The napkin rings are from April Cornell, and I bought the flatware on eBay a few years ago. Gingham handled cutlery is so much fun but very hard to find, for some odd reason. It’s perfect picnic ware with its plastic handles and quite inexpensive. But scarcer than hen’s teeth, as the saying goes.

A profusion of sunny blooms and a bright spring day. Who could ask for anything more?

I completed the first draft of “Entertablement – Much Depends on Dinner” yesterday, so there is much rejoicing in our household. Glenn, because he will now be able to get regular meals and not whatever I’m preparing to photograph for the book. “You won’t mind Chestnut and Celeriac soup for breakfast, will you dear?”  (It’s not that bad, but I felt like it sometimes). In the next day or so, the first printed copy will be winging its way towards me and Mary Plumstead, my editor. We will do the combing through all the typos and finish the Table of Contents and Index, which are done last as the page numbers can change. I will keep you posted as things progress. I learned a lot last time around, and the process has been much smoother this time. 

I will keep this post short and let everyone get back to their Sunday mornings. Have a great rest of the weekend, all.