Greetings, dear readers. We flew from Heathrow Airport yesterday after spending eighteen days in various parts of England, beginning and ending in London. We were blessed with marvellous weather—warm and dry enough for a leather jacket and jeans, mainly, with only a few sprinkles of rain—unheard of for England in October. Lightroom tells me that I snapped more than 1400 pictures, now added to the England collection. I’m eager to share the highlights with you, but first, let’s swoop over to the Halloween Dogs table I set a couple of years ago. We are just in time to join in the Halloween fun.

This set of four appetizer plates was one of Pier 1’s last offerings. So trick or Treat, everyone!

The gang’s all here! Comical canines are tricked out as sailors, clowns, and pumpkins ready to celebrate.

No costume lineup is complete without a superhero. So here she comes, to the rescue!

Finally, a witch, a pirate and a bumblebee. I’d say that’s a pretty good selection of costumes.

I already had the Pioneer Woman cookie jar.

I was delighted to find a comical dog house and hound dog salt and pepper shaker to complete the ensemble. The night has only begun, and already our hound is Weary.

The rest of the table is a relatively simple setup. Black and white watercolour plaid dinner plates (also from Pier 1)…

…hold Queen Anne Pillivyut Salad plates

They made a good frame for the diminutive appetizer plates, whose rims sport a red and white checked pattern.

Simple red and white napkins added more geometric patterns, a third element in the same motif of squared-off lines. It’s a touch busy, but it works, 

Much more fun than it is spooky, which suits me just fine.

Here’s hoping the weather clears up in time for the kids to make their rounds tomorrow. Right now, we are being pelted with rain. Costume planning in Canada involves multiple layers under or jackets over costumes. You’re right, Weary–a  fur coat is indeed the solution.

Happy Halloween, all!