Cape Cod is famous for its prolific hydrangeas. Summer visitors often comment on the exuberant abundance of the clear, cornflower blue mopheads. However, if you’re lucky enough to be here for longer, you notice how the blooms change from early summer to late. They’re still in their infancy, and the coloured tips show a white centre.

This stage coincides with the cluster roses’ peak and the peony season’s end. Eager to grasp all this beauty at its peak, I clipped the last peonies, including the yet-to-emerge buds. Next, I added branch roses and as many differently tinted early hydrangeas as possible.

Famille Rose linens had been clamouring to have an outing, yelling at me from the linen closet: “Now is the time!!” All right, already…hold your horses.

I carefully folded the napkins and placed the runner on the table. I liked the simplicity of the Vietro leaf charger with the napkin in the centre, so that was the next step. Now, what glassware?

The blue optic glasses are very…er…vibrant. They need a unique table to appreciate their electric charms. Ok, you can come out, too. But don’t be too noisy, ok? You’re a bit overwhelming at the best of times, and with all that floral excess, it might be over the top.

I debated adding the Famille Rose appetizer plates. Too much, I mused?

No, I think it works.

Plain pewter flatware from World Market added a steadying influence.

Tiny vintage open salts in a softer shade of blue fit in nicely.

You would almost think they came with the Famille Rose pattern, so well do they blend in!

I had some help setting the table. Our old girl, sixteen-year-old Taylor, doesn’t venture far these days, but she was happy to lend a paw.

I must say, Williams Sonoma did a lovely job reinterpreting a classic pattern, Famille Rose. The napkin’s border detail in shades of blue-green and fuchsia adds the final touch.

I like how it all pulled together for an exuberant summer table.

You really can’t have too many flowers, can you?

We are back from an early morning beach walk, and Soggy Spencer has found a patch of sun to dry off. As you can see, the pups are getting HUGE. Spencer, especially, is all legs and tail (and fuzzy topknot).

We are past the longest day now, and I’m conscious of enjoying every minute of summer. But, unfortunately, the days will be shortening before we know it.

One last look at the table, and I will wish everyone the best of a lovely, lazy Sunday.