At Entertablement, food is a daily celebration. We provide meal plans for entertaining family and friends, for intimate dinners and for weekday meals. Whether we are planning a sit-down dinner for twelve or preparing a hearty bowl of soup to be consumed in solitary splendour, we have a plan, a recipe and use the freshest possible ingredients.

As much as we love formal, multi-course meals, we know that it’s the workaday meal planning and preparation that takes the bulk of our time and effort. Our Meals in Minutes has suggestions to get dinner on the table in under half an hour and our Organization and Tips & Tricks will help you turn those plans into reality.

We offer seasonal and special occasion suggestions, too. Bread may be the staff of life, but there are times to amp it up, experiment a little and test our culinary mettle.

Since we’ve gone to all that effort, we want some “table bling” to showcase it. Visit our Table Couture for some ideas and inspiration.