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Harvest Grains

Use this blend of whole oat berries, millet, rye flakes, and wheat berries combined with flax, poppy, sesame, and sunflower seeds to add crunch and flavour to your baked goods. Substitute up to 1/4 of the proportion of all-purpose flour.

Adapted from King Arthur Bakery’s Harvest Grain Blend.


  • 793 g (1 lb, 8 oz) Whole Grain Hulled Millet
  • 793 g (1 lb, 8 oz) Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries
  • 1 kg Oat Groats
  • 1 kg Rye Flakes
  • 300 g poppy seeds
  • 300 g sesame seeds
  • 300 g flax seeds
  • 300 g sunflower seeds


Mix all ingredients together. Makes enormous quantities! Store in the freezer if you won’t use it within a month.

  • Author: Helen Kain