As the days shorten, and chillier evening temperatures provide a welcome respite, I start thinking about soup, soup and more soup. I love soup. It’s so very satisfying – colourful, appetizing, hearty or elegant – there are endless choices.

There are also countless options for serving it. Cream soup cups and saucers for small portions of cream-rich bisques or clear consommes. Rimmed soup plates, deep bowls or handled bowls for heartier, denser soups that readily retain their heat. Then there is the individual tureen, a personal favourite. Juliska offers a very reasonably priced option with their Jardins du Monde pattern. It is the ultimate in casual chic, as shown here with the matching salad and canape plates. The goblets and water glasses are Graham, also by Juliska. The linens are from a small shop in Pienza, Italy.

The table glows with quiet welcome as evening falls and we draw inside to enjoy it.