I got into kind of a rut decorating the outside of the house over the last few years.  This year, I was dragging my feet while considering the usual garlands, urns and window box fillers from our local nursery. They’re lovely, festive and somewhat expensive when the whole thing gets totted up.

I began to toy with the idea of focusing on the porch, instead.  Pier 1 has a dog theme this year and I quickly became captivated.


The wicker on our porch is the weather resistant kind, so it stays out year round. I put a blanket on the bottom of the swing where we normally have cushions and added a bunch of Christmas pillows.


We did put garlands, lights and bows on the porch railings and on the front fence, so we haven’t entirely abandoned the Christmas tradition. 


I added a little tree on one side of the door, and the grandkids helped decorate it. It’s just their size, so was instantly appealing. A strand of clear lights,  small baubles from Canadian Tire, rattan stars and dogs from Pier 1, and some wooden ornaments that I’ve had over (gulp) 35 years finished the job.

frontporchchristmaslanterns-2184 frontporchchristmaslanterns-2185

Here is it is lit up at night. We got some snow yesterday, which adds to the Christmasy feel.




The lanterns hanging from the porch ceiling are from Chintz & Co. We got them several years ago and they looks very welcoming when lit. (They’re also a hazard for anyone over 5′. Guests and service people have had a few bonks on the head…)



A cheerful wreath on the door, and my Snoopy Happy Holidays welcome mat.

frontporchchristmasdogs-2123 frontporchchristmasdogs-2125

And the dog figurines keep the Ikea lanterns company. I fashioned a Pier 1 felt placemat into the “tree skirt”. The tree came in a little red plastic stand, and the felt “leaves” provide a bit of a visual distraction.

Every time I come home, the dogs have been moved around. The little ones love playing with them. It reminds me of the large twig reindeer we used to have on our front lawn when my kids were small. Daughter Lauren used to rearrange them while waiting for the school bus, and didn’t always position them securely, so they’d collapse in a heap after she departed for school. I spent more time putting the darn things back up on their feet!  Children don’t change much, despite all the sophisticated toys of today. Give them some animal figures to move around and they’re happy.

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