Pansies. I love pansies, particularly the yummy pastel-sorbet-coloured ones. A friend of mine had pots of them as centrepieces at her May wedding many years ago I’ve been smitten ever since.



I bought a flat of them last week and left them overnight at the edge of the driveway, ready to plant the next day. Well, best laid plans, and all that. The wretched deer mowed them flat. The roots were intact, but nary a flower to be seen. So I planted the pathetic limp remains and bought another flat, along with a spray bottle of Deer Repellant with which I vigorously sprayed everything in sight that might be remotely attractive to the voracious deer. Perhaps our day lilies might live to see the light of day this year…



Here is the new flat, waiting expectantly for its turn in the garden.  In the meantime, it has been pressed into service in a table setting.


I’d been debating whether or not to splurge on the turquoise alabaster plates from Pier 1, as I really like the way they pick up the turquoise edging on these painted glasses, which I’ve had for eons. I bought the salad plates and am still considering the dinner plates. 


I rounded out the centrepiece with pots of white hyacinths, also destined for the garden. Deer do not like hyacinths, so they’re a safe bet, with or without deer repellant.


The yellow checked linens are from Simpsons (a long-defunct Canadian company), about two decades ago. They’ve held up remarkably well.  The white dinner plates are Baronesse White by Tirschenreuth.  Mine were a thrift store find, but they’re available from Replacements.


I didn’t want to unpot everything, so I simply arranged the containers still in the pots and surrounded the whole thing with some strands of English Ivy from the garden. It’s taking over a couple of our trees, so peeling it back was a good deed.



The little bird and nest salt & pepper shaker (also from Pier 1, this spring) seemed a natural fit.


Welcome, Spring!

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