Delphiniums, with their soaring spikes of blue blossoms, are a favourite flower of mine. They’re a touch temperamental, though, which can make them quite challenging to grow. We have several patches of them in our Canadian garden on either side of the path leading up to the front porch. Correction: on only one side of the path. One side thrives and the other sulks. No matter what variety I plant there, it fails to reappear the following year, leaving a gaping hole that I fill in with an inferior annual, muttering all the while.

I was delighted to find a bunch at Trader Joe’s this spring, and eagerly took them home to incorporate in a flower arrangement. I remembered that Spode Romney featured similarly pale blue flowers, and used that bouquet as inspiration for the centerpiece.

I added some green hydrangea at the bottom to anchor the arrangement, and then filled in with some pink roses and red chrysanthemums. I wanted it to be similarly sparse and airy, like the plate.

Pink Hoffman thumbprint water glasses from Laurel leaf farms picked up the vivid red and pink tones.

The cutlery is Danieli from World Market. Every time I use that set, I like it more. It has a wonderful heavy feel to it, and is extremely comfortable in the hand. I hesitated before buying it, as I already had the Berry and Thread by Juliska, which has a satin pewter finish. I wondered how much use it would actually get. The answer? Tons. It’s one of my go-to sets.

We picked up tablecloth and napkins on our travels from a small linen shop in Pienza, Italy. (You may be amused to know that “Pienza” translates as “Pius-ville“. Pope Pius II renamed the town of Corsignano after he became pope in the mid 15th century, to better reflect his status). Pienza is near Montepulciano, and a wonderful place for a day trip if you’re travelling to Tuscany. Trattoria Latte di Luna has absolutely delicious bruschetta, among other fabulous items on the menu.

I found these double-egg cups in the Romney pattern on eBay. They were described as “juice cups”, and were going for a song. The granddaughters find it hugely entertaining to be eating their soft-boiled egg nestled in the narrow part of the cup while another waits underneath. Here, I’ve turned them upside down and used them as open salts – a bit large, perhaps, but they do the trick.

The Park Hill lanterns are from Pottery Barn several years ago, and are still available.

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