It’s finished! Whew! Three weeks from the start of the project, when you might recall, it looked like this:

A concrete floor…

Concrete block walls which Glenn had just begun to cover with the pine bead board…

But we did have a door!

And here’s what it looks like now. Let’s take a peek inside, through the now red door which has been cut into a Dutch door, complete with shelf. (I can just imagine it being pressed into service as a puppet theatre or ice cream stand.)

Voila! Glenn put a couple of pot lights into the ceiling and wired them to the same switch that controls the lantern over the door. The bead board has been painted white – one coat of primer and one coat of paint, applied with small roller followed immediately by very vigorous brushing to get the paint into all the crevices.  (My shoulders still ache…) The grey and white floor is foam tile and took a LOT longer than either of us anticipated to install, fiddling around with numerous cuts. It’s easy material to work with, though; it cuts easily and is quite forgiving when crammed into crevices.

The little three-in-one kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids fits beautifully into the alcove at the back of the space. It comprises a diminutive fridge, stove and sink unit in a fire engine red colour, complete with pot hooks.

I had a blast gathering together all the accoutrements, including a small rack of kitchen-themed hooks for the potholders. The utensils, pots & pans, wooden food, etc. are almost all from a brand called Melissa & Doug.

In the alcove to the left of the kitchen unit are some “canned goods” and food in wooden crates. The little kitty plates are from Home Goods and the wreath is from Michael’s, The dish rack on the wall came with plastic dishes, cups and a soap dispenser and sponge.

The area under the slope of the stairs is to the right of the kitchen set. A big felt “bag” from Bouclair holds a couple of red and white plush sleeping bags. I figured that space would be good for “sleeping”.

And Mr. Bear/Sheep? sits plumply, awaiting someone to cuddle up. Let’s go back outside and have a look.

The wainscoting was already installed, so we went with cedar shingles above it, which we stained with a gel stain (a mix of 50/50 Pickling White and Walnut). Glenn installed a shingled peaked roofline above the door and continued it above the small window he had cut out, then built its window box.

Close to the end of the project, we thought about adding “leaded glass” to the window opening, so I called the people who had made the inserts for our kitchen cabinets. They were amazingly quick and this little copper foil glass insert from Mystic Glass in Burlington appeared in two days.

Michael’s furnished the greenery for the window box and the star shaped wreath for the top of the Dutch door. I painted one of their unfinished small bird houses to hang from the eaves, and this little gift bag to serve as a mail box. The feather hook is from Bouclair.

Kirsten brought us these small battery-operated lights from Pier 1 to hang from the eaves. They were a lovely finishing touch.

What cottage would be compete without rocking chairs, and a small table to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and some biscuits?

Wishbone is glad to be included.

I painted the area above the roofline and above the wainscoting all the way over to the wall on the left side of the big door which goes to the rest of the basement, a sky blue colour. I’ve ordered some dog park decals to make a mural above the wainscoting on the wall opposite the red door, but they haven’t arrived yet. I was late ordering them, as the idea only occurred to me when I started painting the “sky”. Oh well, I think we will redecorate this seasonally, so the dog park will be a good spring season endeavour.

For now, it’s unabashedly Christmas themed.

I’m thinking that Santa may leave some mail for the little girls, welcoming them to their new home.

We will make sure we leave some cookies for Santa (once the Golden Retrievers have been settled for the night!).

I suspect we are going to have quite a time getting the girls to the table for dinner on Christmas Eve, when the Great Reveal will take place. 🙂 Can’t wait. I think I’m more excited than the grandkids will be…

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