My granddaughter Juliana is crazy about ducks, which (in her world) include swans, roosters, and when you get right down to it, any feathered creature. I love the broad-mindedness of her approach! So when I saw these Rooster Français pasta bowls on eBay (at a stunningly great price, I might add), I knew they would have a happy home.

The drawings were rendered by French Artist and Photographer Marc Lacaze who died unexpectedly in 2011. He was an inveterate traveller, and loved to incorporate images from his travels in his work. He collaborated with Williams Sonoma on several series including Twelve Days of Christmas, Botanical Birds, La Mer, Grand Tour and Butterflies – all themes involving nature and travel.

Of course, I had to test them for table setting options before I handed them over to Adam & Annie, Juliana’s parents! 

With the rich colours of the roosters and flowers, they proved very easy to style. They went with a whole bunch of different napkins, placemats, underplates and I had a hard time settling on my favourite.

I started with plain black round placemats topped with two of the three Provence Noir dinner plates by Royal Doulton, complementary patterns that really picked up on the style of the pasta bowls.

Farmhouse napkins by Pier 1 provided a vibrant counterpoint.

Plain Bistro glasses from Pottery Barn years ago were the right casual vibe.

I had originally set the table with the gold jacquard Pier 1 napkins you see in the bread basket and they looked great, too. I just liked the more colourful variation provided by the farmhouse check.

I couldn’t resist adding this cheeky rooster from Pier 1. To me, the basket called out to be filled with eggs, although the thing is actually a candle holder, if you can believe it. I bought it a year or so ago figuring it would go with one of the various rooster themes I love so much.

There are four different pasta bowls. A mostly black, somewhat speckled rooster:

A mostly red rooster,

The multi-coloured rooster reminds me of the bantam roosters I had as a child. Our Irish Setter, Sean, used to chase them on occasion and pull out their tail feathers.They would slink away, ashamed, hiding for days at their lack of plumage, and only emerge as they saw their feathers return. We moved heaven and earth to discourage Sean from this activity, but he was dedicated to the pastime!

Lastly, a  more speckled, grey rooster.

I love them all! The detail in the drawings is just lovely.

The table wouldn’t be complete without the oversized open salts from Pier 1. The things are gigantic, but very pretty.

I got the large serving bowl to go with the eight pasta bowls. Always useful at big family dinners.

A perfect casual, colourful table to ward off the cold in this unbelievably chilly January we are having.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the fowl yard tour this morning, everyone! Stay warm.

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