Vegetables make wonderfully colourful centrepieces, with or without inspirational plates to go with them.

Vegetable Garden by Williams Sonoma appeared briefly in 2001 and was shuffled off this mortal coil quickly thereafter. I was lucky enough to find this set of six salad plates on eBay recently for the princely sum of $10. Who could resist?

I fell for the unusual octagonal shape with the pale green border, and the vibrant greens and purples that comprise the vegetables. They gave me another excuse to use vintage American Lady amethyst glasses by Fostoria. Woot! A purple-letter day.

There are six plates in each of the 8″ salad and 6.25″ octagonal canapé sets.  The salad plates feature three of each vegetable; the canapé plates have one large illustration. Here we have Green Peas (with a touch of purple, it seems).

And Radishes.

Of course, I had to find salt & peppers to go with them. I couldn’t believe my luck with these Fitz & Floyd Pea Pod and Turnip Salt & Pepper shakers, also from eBay, also $10. Aren’t they adorable?


The “turnip” of the salt and pepper shakers goes equally well with the Radishes plate and the Onions plate. It’s kind of half way between, I think… 

On to Artichokes.


And lastly, Lettuces.

While I was searching for vegetable salt & peppers on eBay, three sets came up for a total of $8 – eggplants, onions/garlic? and corn. Stay tuned for the latter two sets in  future tablescapes. Eggplants fit the purple theme here, so they got a day out.

After that, it was just a matter of arranging a bunch of vegetables in a wire basket and  voila. Instant centrepiece.

Vegetable centrepieces are also practical; you can eat them afterwards! Or if you have a Golden Retriever named Churchill, you may find he has beaten you to it by snarfing back the raw beets while your back was turned. Yes, it was as ugly as it sounds. Not only were his paws and the carpet where he held and consumed said beets a bright magenta, his digestion showed evidence for days. Not pretty! I did manage to get the beet stains out of the carpet, however. Carbona Oxy-Powered Carpet cleaner is truly a miracle worker. I can highly recommend it. Anyone with multiple Goldens is aware of their digestive propensities: they eat absolutely anything and it inevitably emerges at the most inopportune times. 

I got these washed linen purple napkins from Williams Sonoma on sale a bunch of years ago. At first I wasn’t sure about the “washed” look; they were messy and unkempt to me. But I’ve come to love them, especially with casual tablescapes like these.

Galvanized candleholders picked up the silver tones in the Danieli flatware from World Market.

And that’s a wrap! A vegetable wrap. Hehe.

It’s Friday! A cloudy day here on the Cape which should give me some time to catch up on photo sorting and processing, probably the bane of any photographer/blogger’s existence. I’m gradually getting more familiar with Lightroom and that’s helping to speed things up. There is always so much to learn!

Enjoy your respective weekends, dear Readers. 

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