It’s August 1st tomorrow. How the heck did that happen?

The rose hips have bloomed on the beach roses, back to school sales are popping up, and the fall tableware has arrived in stores. Oh, my!

Willow is a mellow transition china I picked up at Pier 1 a couple of years ago. It was only available online, oddly. They had two other leaf patterns going at the same time, but I preferred this one with the turquoise accents.

The blue hydrangeas have begun their transformation to their fall wardrobe, so I’ll play along. What a difference a couple of weeks make.

I’ve set this tableware before, styled in an unabashedly fall tablescape, which highlighted the bronzey tones.

Changing the accoutrements shifts the em-PHAS-is to a different sy-LLA-ble; it’s a completely different look.

The pattern is nicely positioned on the dinner plate, with vibrant colours highlighted in discrete sections. You can almost feel the different textures of the leaves from the smooth Japanese Maple leaves to the spikier fronds and berries.

It frames the dinner bowl beautifully; lots of clear creamy space between leaves.

I love how they’ve depicted imperfect leaves with chunks missing, and some of the berries are withered, exactly like you’d find in nature, 

Antique Venetian footed goblets and small tumblers with turquoise rigaree from Elise Abrams Antiques pick up the greeny-blue shades in the hydrangea.

Smoke blue hemstitched napkins from Pottery Barn many years ago continue the theme.

Mr Squirrel has had his first outing of the new season; he’s starting to think about gathering food for the winter ahead. No rush yet, just limbering up.

Sad as I am to see summer whipping by, I do love the fall and am eagerly anticipating the cooler evenings. Fall food, too! Yes!

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