Our Japanese Maple has finally dropped its leaves, or rather, had them whipped from its branches by a boisterous wind. it’s always the last one to relinquish its foliage. That’s it for the season. The trees are bare. 

While it’s always sad to see the end of autumn, it’s time for the evergreens to take a bow, I’m very grateful for their enduring colour, myriad textures and nobbly cones. They add much to the beauty of winter and are so much fun to use on a table.

Lenox’s Winter Song was made for this time of year. The sparse palette echoes the muted colours in our Northern landscape. Described thusly: “Winter Song combines rich bands of red with beautiful winter imagery and sprigs of holly and branches of pine. Nestled in these are colourful nuthatches and chickadees, all executed in a painterly pattern.”

There are the two cheeky little fine-feathered friends:

And the winter foliage.

We have a large, very scrubby-looking pine at our house in the Cape, just where the property borders the wetlands. The tree is really not prepossessing, but it produces some wonderful pine cones. 

I had to get on a step ladder this year to reach them, right up on the “do not climb on this step” step, clippers in hand. Not smart, but I did not come to any grief (thank goodness).  I brought down one good-sized branch and it furnished all the greenery that was needed for this table. Good thing – I wasn’t going to make another hare-brained attempt.

Tea light lanterns from Pier 1 last year sported some little red cardinals, all ready to join their flighty friends.

Here they are in all their lighted glory.

I added in some red mini lanterns for a touch more colour. They remind me of British telephone boxes. They’re actually Christmas tree ornaments, but they did double duty.

Cream coloured chargers are topped with taupe Cambria dinner plates from Pottery Barn (discontinued).

The creamy yellow and grey tartan napkins are from Williams Sonoma last year. 

Flatware is Danieli from World Market.

The little birdhouse on a stand salt and pepper set is an eBay find.

The table looked even more inviting and cosy when darkness fell — early, as it does this far past the autumn equinox.  

The glasses are vintage, from Replacements, beguilingly named 14196-11 Amber by Tiffin Franciscan. 

It almost makes you happy it’s November, doesn’t it?

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you and yours have a joyous holiday filled with the love of friends and family, good food and politics-free table conversation!  

Personally, I am celebrating the end of the renovation and a contractor-free home. It’s all done, folks. Just waiting for the blinds to be installed and I will take lots of photos to share with everyone. Here’s a sneak peek with some quick shots with my phone

The solitary picture over the fireplace looked kind of lonely, so I added in some plates. I think they do the trick nicely. Thoughts, anyone? Note the bar cart in the corner, just waiting for a champagne bucket and a couple of glasses. As soon as the blinds are installed, I’m having my first bubble bath to celebrate!

Clementine is settling in beautifully; we’ve had minimal fuss with the housebreaking. She and Dundee are now wrestling together, or rather, she flops on top of Dundee with the full weight of her chubby little frame. He shrieks at the top of his lungs, wiggles out from beneath her, clawing and kicking. He then pauses for a nanosecond, takes a deep breath and launches himself right back at her, eyes flashing and tail twitching. They’re both enjoying themselves enormously. They gallop through the house like a pair of demented elephants. Who knew two small animals could make so much noise? It’s quite the sideshow! It’s also very difficult to take photos. I’m not a sports photographer, and setting up a YouTube channel for videos was not part of the plan. 🙂  I’ll keep trying, though! Right now I have a lot of very blurry photos featuring tons of golden fur, and the odd shot of a moment of blessed stillness, right before one of them hurls themselves at the other. 

Stay tuned for another installment of the Adventures of Clementine and Dundee (as soon as I figure out how to take action shots).

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