The sweetest of flowers have arrived: white lilacs and lilies of the valley. Utter heaven.

Their exquisite blossoms are as delicate as their scents.

Not yet being blessed with blooms from our newly-planted-last-year white lilac bush, I have to content myself with drinking in the fragrance from a large bush we encounter on our daily walk with the dogs. I may have been known to surreptitiously liberate a few flowers from the street side of the bush on occasion.

Just enough to, say, add a little something to a centrepiece largely comprising legitimately procured white roses (Trader Joe’s) and lilies of the valley from our own garden. Those we have aplenty.

Blue Birds of Happiness salad plates from Pier 1 a couple of years ago seemed more than appropriate for this table. I like the almost Ikat style of the design, with all the different shades of blue.

This one is nearly turquoise. Don’t you love the little pink cheeks on the chubby birds?

A solitary, rather imposing bird occupies the upper portion of this denim blue plate.

Then we have the slightly partridge-looking fellow in the bottom area of this greener plate.

These two are my favourites. They look like mother and child to me: “Now be back in the nest when the street lights come on. I don’t want to be chasing after you. It’s not safe for you to be out once those big black birds start their nightly antics.”

Cobalt blue tumblers provided visual cohesion with their consistent colour and visual interest with their different patterns of striped and lacy etchings. They are both 9 oz tumblers by Hazel Atlas and are true Depression glass. The left one is “Fine Rib” (1936-1939) and the one on the right is Royal Lace (1934-41). 

The large compote holding the flowers is a Moser piece I picked up a few years ago on eBay.

Bird napkin rings in a gold-tone hold the blue & white napkins, and pick up the gold edging on the salad plates.

The gold is also echoed in the Rose Gold Twig flatware from World Market.

We couldn’t leave out Blue Bird open salt. 

Oh, those luscious lilacs and lilies of the valley! Let’s linger for a bit and enjoy the fragrance.

They snuggle in so happily among their white rose friends.

Before we go, I want to express my sadness at the closing of Pier 1. It filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year and has been unable to find a buyer – not surprising in this current environment, but very distressing for the employees, loyal customers, suppliers and shareholders. They have announced that everything will be liquidated when they reopen their stores. I have set countless tables with Pier 1 items over the years and will miss them very much. Their tableware buyers, particularly, have a wonderful touch. I wish everyone the best as they wend their way through the process. I fear it won’t be the last retail casualty of this global upset. Ugh.

To end on a happier note, I wish all my American readers a lovely Memorial Day weekend. It’s shaping up to be beautiful weather-wise here in the North East, with warmer temperatures finally on their way.

Have a good rest of the week, everyone.

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