Oh, Happy Day! Books! We have books!

Things went much more smoothly and quickly this time around, and I’m happy to say that both the Kindle and the hardcover are available through Amazon, and the hardcover is at  Brewster Bookstore on the Cape.

So, what’s this second book, Entertablement—Much Depends on Dinner,  about? Here’s the bumpf from my new author site, Entertablementbooks.com

History buffs. aspiring and experienced cooks and those with a fondness for gorgeous table settings will all delight in Helen Kain’s latest book Entertablement—Much Depends on Dinner.  The stars of this book are the ‘Domestic Divas’ whose recipes, homemaking tips, dining décor (and decorum) made their enduring mark on each era, right up to the present day.

Filled with humorous quotes, personal insights and tantalizing recipes that encapsulate different eras and styles of cooking and hosting, the book offers dramatically different perspectives on the planning, values, and artistry that go into a memorable home dining experience. It is vivid in its portrayal of the care invested in an exceptional dinner and shares countless insider tips for the most effective use of the cook’s energy and resources.

Observing the anxiety that often accompanies dinner preparation in modern times, Entertablement—Much Depends on Dinner chronicles the history of cooking over the last few centuries and the integral domestic factors involved in preparing the evening meal. The book showcases masterpieces of food and domestic environments in beautiful photographs, with intriguing and dramatic biographical passages on some of the most iconic cooking figures.

In addition to the historical aspect, Helen offers up her approachable interpretation of how recipes and table settings from past eras might look modified for today’s world.

And here is the full table of contents. As with Entertablement—The Four Seasons, there are many table settings and recipes, but Much Depends on Dinner also features ten Domestic Divas whose contributions to the advancement and modernization of cooking and household management spanned five eras, starting in 1750. More complete descriptions of the eras and Divas are found at Entertablement Books under the Read More tab. There is a really neat “Look Inside” flipbook there, too, showing a couple of dozen pages from the book. Many thanks to Mary Plumstead of Creative Sidekicks for all her hard work in getting the site up and running and providing endless support and encouragement throughout the entire project. 

Let’s take a peek inside. From Era #1 – Class Distinction, we have 100 Years of Fashion in tablescape form. I had so much fun with those paper dolls.

Bains de  Mer features a set of French Faience with black and white etchings of Victorian bathing beauties. Oooh, la la!

Isabella Beeton and her iconic Book of Household Management.


Of course, we have desserts…

And dinner parties.

A table setting from Mid-Century Modern…

… and linens from the same Era.

We have a Ladies Lunch.

And much, much more!

As I mentioned when The Four Seasons came out, writing and launching a book is hard work. So I would be very grateful if you’d be willing to help me spread the word. In addition, it would be enormously helpful if you’d care to tell a friend or post an Amazon or Goodreads review.  Every little bit helps!

To celebrate, I will be giving away three copies of the Kindle or Hardcover book—your choice. Stay tuned for details on how to enter the contest. 

I hope everyone enjoys Entertablement—Much Depends on Dinner as much as I loved writing it. It could have been three times as long; the research was fascinating, and there were so many worthy candidates for the Domestic Divas, but I had to stop somewhere! At nearly 50,000 words, it’s quite a bit longer than The Four Seasons. With just as many photos.

Again, thank you, dear readers, for travelling with me on this tablescape, cooking and travelling journey. I’m so very grateful for your support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Now, to get back to those travel blogs…