Good bourbon doesn’t need a supporting cast, but it’s happy to cosy up to like-minded ingredients in the pursuit of sipping pleasure. Apple Cider Syrup is a delectable partner. Available from King Arthur Bakery if you want it ready-made, it’s also easy to make if you’re inclined. Reduce a quart, or even a gallon, of cider over slow heat for a couple of hours. Your house will smell divine. Bonus. Drizzle it over pancakes or ice cream, mix it into salad dressing, or pour some into hot tea or sparkling water. Or, make a Bourbon and Apple Cider Syrup cocktail. It’s surprisingly well balanced – a delectable blend of tangy and sweet with deep fruity undertones.


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Bourbon & Apple Cider Syrup Cocktail

Makes a single serving



15 mls (1 tbsp) Apple Cider Syrup

45 mls (3 tbsp) Bourbon

Shake thoroughly over ice until well chilled. Serve on the rocks with a twist of orange or lemon

-Adapted from Food 52-

  • Author: Helen Kain