The August/September 2011 issue of Fine Cooking magazine has been making the rounds in our family.  We love to get together to try new recipes, and were excited to explore the Bourbon and Vanilla Brined Pork Chops.  Early one afternoon I prepared the brine, popped the pork chops into a large Ziplock bag, added the brine and put the lot in the fridge to marinate all afternoon while we were at the beach.

When we returned, son Adam made up the spice rub while I got the ingredients together for Porcini Mushroom Risotto with Sugar Snap Peas.  We dried the chops and applied the rub while the barbecue heated.  Glenn did yeoman work on the barbecue while Adam made the risotto and I set the table.

The weather had been unsettled, but it cleared up toward dinner time, so we were able to eat outside.

Hydrangeas are at their peak right now, and they set the tone when anchored by blue jacquard napkins with matching table runners placed crossways on the table.  The linens are from a small shop in Pienza, Italy.


Jardins du Monde Dessert Plates in Whitewash

We used Juliska Berry & Thread dinner plates, and topped them with Jardins du Monde dessert plates, all in Whitewash.

Venetian Hand-blown Goblets and Tumblers with Turquoise Rigaree

Venetian hand-blown goblets and tumblers with turquoise rigaree echoed the blues and greens in the hydrangea.

Verdict:  delicious.