A rich, deep purple is one of the most difficult colours to find in tableware, particularly glass. This year Juliska has brought it to the forefront with hand-pressed glassware from Portugal.  With familiar scallop and berry detail, Colette it is elegant yet sturdy.  The pieces offered include salad platea, berry bowla, goblets and dessert plates.

At this point in the season, the pastel coloured hydrangeas of summer have taken on the deeper shades of autumn. On our morning walks, I actively covet the displays in neighbours’ gardens, steeling myself against my husband’s baleful stare. “Just looking!” I say defensively, wondering how I can subtly liberate the blossoms in the exact shade required to complement my planned table settings. I was able to scrounge enough from our own garden for this arrangement, happily.

I was fortunate to discover the Autumn Studies  runner and napkins at Williams Sonoma. New this season, it features a green leaf jacquard pattern and a purple striped border, a perfect companion to the flowers and purple glassware.