I get inspired to create tablescapes in several ways. In about equal portions, it’s the pattern on the china itself, a particular colour of glassware, a seasonal theme and lastly, a particular flower. This one was the clear, lucid purple of the hydrangea. I love these hydrangeas and of course they pick up the amethyst in the Venetian glass so well.



Niggling in the back of my mind were these hand-painted dessert plates. The green and peachy colours were the most prominent shades in my memory, but I also recalled a bit of purple. Sure enough. Many of the plates had a goodly portion, and this table setting came together.

There are twelve different plates, all hand painted and feature sea creatures – highly appropriate for Cape Cod. I think of them as my “crustacean plates”. (Good grief, the cutlery is crooked in these pictures, the photographer mutters. Well, you get the idea on the plates in any event…)


The little footed open salts are a recent acquisition from Elise Abrams Antiques, where I originally acquired the amethyst goblets and the spiral twist gold Venetian goblets.


The “crustacean plates” were from Wisteria Antiques in Brewster, Cape Cod.  The gold & white dinner plates and the chargers are modern, from Pier One.