Fun, whimsical, colourful. What more can you ask for in a set of plates? Elephants, by gum! 

My friend Leanne (a partner in tableware crime) sent me a link to a wonderful article entitled Colourful Dishes to Brighten Up Mealtimes. It’s from 2014, but much of the tableware is still readily available, including the Nomad Elephant Plates from World Market.

The pattern is named for the colour of the elephant, not for the overall colour of the plate, so be mindful if you’re purchasing them online. I ended up purchasing a set of four of each of the four plates, so now have LOTS. No doubt one of my elephant-loving offspring will be the happy recipient of a set of eight.  

World Market is a new find for me, as it’s not a store we have in Canada. We do, however, have one in Cape Cod, so I’ve been busy checking out their wares. Their flatware is marvellous!  Very nice quality and extremely reasonably priced. I started out with a set of their Twig Flatware, shown above. (Word to the wise: I put the set in the dishwasher upon bringing it home, and won’t do that again, as the soap seems to cling to the black finish, dulling it somewhat. Now that I think about it, I have to hand wash my black Cupola set from Williams Sonoma, too, and it was several times the price.) The elephant salt and pepper shakers were a gift from  my daughter-in-law, Annie, for Christmas, and I noticed they also had them at World Market.

I styled the table with White Rattan Placemats from Pier 1 from a couple of years ago. The green goblets and green striped napkins are from Williams Sonoma, several years ago.

The red fringed tulips are from Trader Joe’s – another new find for me.  Mary, over at Home is Where the Boat Is, tipped me off that Trader Joe’s has a great selection of cut flowers, and how right she is!  I can see frequent visits to supplement my floral endeavours.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  

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