The napkins were the inspiration for this tablescape. Of course, I’m always looking for an excuse to enjoy the deep purple hydrangea that appear in mid-to-late summer, and the lively print of purple and gold provided all the excuse I needed.

I had been searching online for a soft pink napkin for another table when these caught my eye at Sur la Table, not one of my usual sources for fabrics. Just goes to show how one can get lead into temptation pursuing what I call Internet Rabbit Holes. Just like Alice In Wonderland 🙂

The deep purple hydrangea are quite different in texture from the more common Nikko Blue and Endless Summer varieties so prevalent in the Cape. Their leaves are much thicker and tougher, almost like a succulent plant or an African Violet. The petals on the flowers themselves are also thicker, and present a stiff form. They hold up very well in the vase, and last a long time.

With so much pattern in the napkins and the floral arrangements, I went for fairly simple china and glassware: Colette Purple salad plates and glasses, Whitewash Berry & Thread dinner plates, all by Juliska. The purple is now discontinued, but Colette is available in blue, green and clear.

Doesn’t it just make you want to yell: Summer – STOP!  Go no further! Stay just as you are!

The Sawyer flatware is from World Market, and the grapevine napkin rings are from I find I’m getting so much use out of the napkin rings that I’ve bought an additional set for home. They go with a lot, they’re lightweight and generously sized, so the napkins don’t get crushed when placed inside the ring. 

I had a new “helper” for this table. Moxie, our young tortoiseshell cat, was determined to break free from her prison and gain access to the outdoor delights enjoyed by Tigger. As Adam, our son, puts it. “She’s relentless”. We narrowly averted several accidents as family members contorted themselves with diversionary foot action to prevent her escape whilst coming in and out of the house. We finally caved and this summer Moxie has become an outdoor cat. Heady with her success, for the first few days she charged around the yard, tail in the air, leaping from one object to the next, resisting all entreaties to come back inside. Glenn sat up several nights waiting for her reluctant return sometime after midnight. Then she settled down into the very serious business of rodent hunting. She’s turned out to be an excellent mouser, to the delight of our neighbours with a mouse problem. I’m less enthusiastic with the daily (sometimes twice daily) task of disposing of the corpses from her forays left proudly on the porch. But she’s one happy kitty!

Two sets of salt & peppers got their turn at the table this time. The little pumpkins are from Pier 1, and feature a nice lustrous glaze and a taupey coloured stem. I’ve been eyeing the matching individual pumpkin soup tureens, as I very much like the glaze and overall shape. The horn open salts are from Ballard Design.

We’re back home safely in Canada now, after a rather longer than usual journey. Construction!  Thanks to everyone for your very kind comments about our flood issues!  All’s well that ends well.

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