Nankin is a Royal Doulton pattern from the 1920s and 1930s, although Replacements lists the pattern as active from 1879 to 1902. Either way, it’s not dishwasher safe :).

The octagonal shape of the pieces along with the bold cobalt and lime green Arts & Crafts style decor appealed to me instantly.


The pattern features blue printed under the glaze with hand applied colour on top. The plates are edged in a deep green, and while the cobalt, French blue and lime green are the real standout colours, the touches of purple and rust are warm additions.

It’s a relatively difficult pattern to track down. I ended up buying two separate lots of five dinner plates in two slightly different sizes on eBay from vendors in England. The larger plate is 10 3/8″ and the smaller is just 10″. It’s not really noticeable on the table unless you’re looking for it, but evident when you stack the plates.

I was lucky enough to snag a covered vegetable bowl from Replacements in addition to the plates. The detail on the handles is beautiful, as is the unusual octagonal shape.

The pattern is quite bold, and I elected to style the table very simply. A true navy was needed to support the deep, deep cobalt, so I went with a navy runner from Pier 1 couple of years ago and straw placemats from Home Goods this year.

The hollyhocks were blooming and the Annabelle Hydrangea were just on the edge of turning green, so I combined them with some PeeGee hydrangea to create simple white bouquets. Spode Fitzhugh Green pitchers coordinated well with the Nankin.

I found these little opaline open salts at The Source Collection. They come in several colours, including this vivid green, perfect for this table. They have a lot of different salt containers, (many of them also available at Vagabond House at better prices, so do your homework). 🙂

The rest of the table is styled quite starkly with plain, clear goblets and simple white napkins (all from Pottery Barn many years ago, I believe).  

Tigger, exhausted from observing my exertions, prepares to take a nap.

It’s lovely to reminisce about the lovely summer we enjoyed had as the weather begins to turn nippy.  You can just see Tigger over to the right, still awake, amazingly.

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