It’s a bit more chilly than sweater weather, but I guess if you start out with a fur coat, a sweater is sufficient.

These creatures all seem to come with the built-in fur coat. The garb is additional! Dapper Animals by West Elm continue to enchant.

I love her soft eyes, in a rather disapproving expression, actually.

In keeping with the chilly season attire, I styled the table with pine cones and stark white linens.

West Elm has been producing these plates for quite some time, and does various renditions of them. I loved the “couples plates”, as well as the more exotic creatures. And this set is a bit of mixed bag. Clearly the zebra and giraffe don’t quite fit the Woodland theme – but who’s going to get fussy? 

I used Spode blue & white transferware plates as the base.

Most of them are the zoological series (seemed appropriate) as they have a consistent border (photo courtesy of

I’ve had the lounging boar open salt for quite some time and believe I got it from Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

The cobalt cut to clear tea lights fit right in…

…supplementing the candle light from the pillar candles.

We received the goblets as a Christmas gift from our pet sitter, Cindy and her husband Mike. I love the smoky bottom of the glass which picked up the tawny shades of all the furred creatures.

The Cupola flatware is from Williams Sonoma.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Stay dry. And warm. I hear that we are about to be deluged, then frozen, then buried in snow… Sigh. Well, it keeps things interesting!

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