Pashmina literally translates to “Soft Gold” in Kashmiri. What a luxurious vision that conjures up, and so appropriately named for the pattern by Wedgwood.

Pashmina is one of my “dessert plate only” patterns, though in this case it’s the accent luncheon plate, but you get my drift. I really like the delicate stylized flowers in rich rusts, soft greens and clear pewter tones. The rim is a rich gold with tiny black accents, which lent additional interest and a nice contrast to the pewter edge of the Emerson dinner plate by Juliska that sits underneath it.

The soft green has a yellow undertone to it, similar to the shade of green in Juliska’s Graham Green glasses.

They’ve long been discontinued, unfortunately, but are sometimes available at Replacements.

I added octagonal pewter ramekins by Juliska; they’re no longer available, but they have a round one.  Generously sized, the ramekins are very versatile and I often use them for baked desserts, such as this Apple Sponge Cake with Custard.

Though normally I would think of a rust/pewter combination as being more “fall and winter”, this combination presented a nice bridge to spring with the fresher green accents of the Juliska glasses and the novelty tulips.

Who could resist these little guys? They have a curious shape, and an almost waxy texture. They reminded me of Mayflowers.

Delicately ruffled with creamy yellow hearts.

Octagonal pewter chargers from Pottery Barn many years ago added an additional layer of silver tones, along with the deeper pewter colour of the Cupola Flatware by Williams Sonoma. The runner is Sweet William by Sferra (discontinued, drat it) and I can’t remember where I got the rust napkins; I’ve had them forever.

It was a bit of a dull day when I snapped the photos, but the table setting brought some cheer to the kitchen.

I used little bird salt & pepper shakers and place card holders to extend the “spring is here!” theme.

These cheeky little guys always make me smile. We picked them up years ago during a stay at Blantyre, where they graced the breakfast table, and were available for purchase at the gift shop (no, I did not nick them from the table – I know that’s what you were thinking).

The place card holders were a find at Chintz & Co in Victoria, B.C. almost a decade ago; somewhere along the way I found the bird-themed place cards, too. I love it when those details come together.

One last look at the table!

I think (fingers crossed) that this is the last cold week here in the frozen tundra that is Canada these days. Everyone is fed up and cranky about the frigid temperatures, but the light! Oh, it’s so much better  – clear, strong and so much more of it!  There is hope :).

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