Congratulations to Tressa Lemsky of Winnipeg, Canada! 

The much anticipated announcement from Lady Carnarvon was made today on her latest blog post. Please check it out for the pictures of Tressa’s event, and the video of Lady Carnarvon giving Tressa the happy news. Tressa apparently submitted a video, but it’s not on the blog post;   however, I imagine we will see more details of Tressa’s dinner party in the coming weeks. Can’t wait! It looks like a beautiful event.   Update: here is the link to Tressa’s submission.

“Tressa Lemky from Winnipeg, Canada went above and beyond everything we could possibly expect – hosting an amazing dinner party for family and friends, raising money for PBS, cooking some wonderful food from Lady Carnarvon’s book ‘At Home at Highclere’ and bringing her community together in support of ‘Working Together to End Human Trafficking’ an initiative started by the Joy Smith Foundation.”

There were three runners-up, including Gary La Liberte from Quebec who has been an enthusiastic commenter along the way here on our updates. Gary’s entry was a Titanic themed Murder Mystery dinner, and he clearly did go “above and beyond”. My goodness! From moving the furniture out of their living room, preparing delicious food, designing a murder mystery game around the event, making specialty wine labels and setting up a greenroom for the pictures, it was incredible. Congratulations, Gary.

The absolute best part of this adventure has been chatting with all of you about it, and making new friends like Gary La Liberte and Linda Whittlesey. In case haven’t seen it, Linda’s entry is here. She also did a fabulous job and presented a very imaginative video. I loved the vintage car, especially.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support and enthusiasm. It’s been a lot of fun.

The end of Lady Carnarvon’s video shows a list of honourable mentions. We were very honoured to be included on that list, as was Linda.  Congratulations, Linda.

Update: Darcie Leeder did some sleuthing this morning, found Gary’s entry, and he has forwarded her excellent video.  Darcie also received honourable mention for her submission which featured the “cast” lined up Downton Abbey style outside her house.  Enjoy!

So that’s a wrap, folks! 

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