Happy Easter, everyone! It’s a day of celebration, get togethers with family, joyful church services and depending on the age of your offspring, massive chocolate overload. 

We are still in England, and I wanted to share some pictures of the lambs we have seen whilst touring the countryside, and to give you an update on what’s happening with Come and Dine at Highclere. 

Yesterday was the big announcement date, according to the original contest details. I checked a few times throughout the day; nothing. Finally around 4:00 pm Lady Carnarvon added a blog to her website saying that the process of choosing a winner had proved quite difficult, and thanking everyone for their participation. She went on to say,

“The aim of Come and Dine was to engage with everyone who loves Highclere, PBS, Egypt, Downton, food and dining. The response to all these themes has been wonderful. Despite this we have had the difficult decision of having to choose one Grand Prize winner.

This person went above and beyond everything we were expecting from people entering Come and Dine and we will be thrilled to announce fully to the public who this is next Thursday (5th April).”

Rats! Another five days? Really???? Once I’d swallowed my disappointment and frustration at the delay, the wheels began to turn. Hmmm. Very interesting. If I were a betting woman, I’d wager that “above and beyond” involved a large gala for charity, perhaps at one of the Gilded Age Mansions in Newport or an hotel like The Breakers in Florida complete with vintage cars, liveried footmen and professionally costumed guests. Absolutely spectacular, aaaannd perhaps something of a surprise to the contest sponsors, especially If they want to encourage people of more modest means to participate in future events. 

Glenn and I spent an hilarious evening envisioning all the possible reasons for the delay  and came to the tentative conclusion that the sponsors might be trying to have a Grand Prize winner and perhaps need to make arrangements for some additional prizes, along the lines of old English flower shows that included separate prizes for Gentry and Cottage Gardens, the divide being if you had gardening help you were gentry, if you didn’t, you were Cottage. Who knows? Time will tell!

In the meantime, we shall enjoy Easter and the rest of our holiday. For us, plans include attending an Easter Service today with the full choir at St. Alban’s Cathedral. We had the unexpected pleasure of attending a service at Lichfield Cathedral earlier this week, and it was incredibly beautiful. As you know, I love exploring the history and photographing the architecture of cathedrals. Watching them “in action” so to speak, serving their originally intended purpose and seeing the congregation drawn together in song is very moving.

On to the lambs. I snapped these pictures in a field near Broadway, in the Cotswolds. Fields full of lambs are everywhere right now, as most lambs are born in March. We whiz along, me giving running commentary on how many of them, whether or not they’re standing up, and can Glenn pull over, please. We managed to find a side road here to pull over safely and I stood by the gate, camera in hand, watching the antics of the lambs and their mums. I think they thought I had something for them to eat, because they were very curious!

I just realized it’s also April Fool’s Day, so be on the lookout today, people! No telling what kind of jokes your small fry might wreak on the unwary, especially combined with Easter festivities. 

A final shot of my favourite little lamb, Wonky Ear:

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