We have a new addition to the family.

He’s been here a couple of weeks,

He’s very, very curious.

He was sooooo small when he arrived; he was just eight weeks old.

But he’s sure coming into his own!  

We named him Dundee. Of course!

He sleeps a lot!

And when he’s awake, he attacks anything that moves. Hands are especially popular.

I think we’ll keep him. 🙂

There has been a certain amount of hissing from the other two cats, but Dundee is not fazed. He yawns.

He’s pretty sure of his welcome.

He’s eating as much as the big cats, if not more.

What do you think? A keeper?

Tigger would be very proud of his successor. The house isn’t complete without a marmalade cat.

And we’ve got one again. A 2.5-pound bundle of energy, claws, sharp teeth and a purr like a motorboat. He melts my heart.

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