While I’m not much of a fan of the more gruesome and destructive apects of Halloween, I can get quite enthusiastic about cute black cats and pumpkins.

Vintage Halloween by Williams Sonoma is a fairly recent pattern and they keep adding bits to it.

There are four main motifs, including the aforementioned black cat. There is a pumpkin in each one. 

Love this guy – he looks like a pumpkin snowman.

And this one is straight out of “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. 

It was a lovely warm day when I set up outside, quite unlike the freezing Halloween evenings I remember as a child. Finding a costume that looked good with a heavy coat accompaniment was always a challenge. Some years we got lucky and it was warm, but most of the time we half froze to death.

Pier 1 had some fun polka dotted pumpkins, and their black and white “Watercolour” black plaid plates formed a striking backdrop for the Vintage Halloween salad plates.

I used bronzey vegetable napkin rings (an eBay find) on deep gold napkins for a festively bright touch.

Twig flatware in rose gold from World Market picked up the bronzey theme. 

As did the Yute  “burlap” textured glasses from Pier 1. They’re online only and part of a glass set.

Spooky fun!

Of course, no table would be complete without some salt and pepper accoutrement!

Kissing Kitties. In pumpkins, no less.

Speaking of kitties… Dundee is now nearly 14 weeks old and is ruling the household. He tears from one end of the house to another at top speed, skidding around corners like a demented race car driver. He is eating up a storm and has doubled in size. The other cats have grudgingly accepted him, though we are some way away from any type of enthusiasm. I can almost see the feline eye rolls. The dogs are much more tolerant, and even allow him to curl up with them. You can see more of the little scamp over here at “Dundee Rules The Roost”.

It looks like the warm weather is coming to an abrupt end today with temperatures plummeting to the low 50s. Time to get the fireplace going and get back to that jigsaw puzzle.

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