You know the household world order has changed when the 3 lb kitten plunks himself in the middle of the dog’s bed for a nap and the two golden retrievers have to gingerly arrange themselves into the surrounding space.

Sure of his welcome, he bunts up to any of the dogs whenever he feels the need for a little fur-cuddle.

Even Moxie has finally accepted that he’s here to stay. She is still some way off from playing with him, however; she still snarls at him if he catches her unawares, but he is getting incredibly bold with her. He chases her mercilessly, darting out from under furniture and around corners, demanding that she acknowledge him. It earned him a good box on the ears the other day. He’s sporting quite a large bruise near his nose, likely the result of a sharp claw, 

He loves to play in the dog bowls, whirling around at top speed.

I’m big enough to go outside! Really!  Why is Moxie outside and I’m not? What is she doing? Hey Moxie!! Can I come? Please????

All right then, I’ll go find someone else to bug. Move over, Burton.

He’s also reprising Tigger’s favourite spot, peering around the corner from the dining room

Until something catches his attention. That never takes long!

Then it’s back to his favourite activity. Taking a nap.

After wild bursts of activity, he spends hours in blissful comfort. The sheepskin-like throw is his favourite spot.

Luxuriously stretching and completely relaxed, he snoozes away, his purr rumbling like a motorboat.

Oh, to be a cat!

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