Can we sneak in one more outdoor table? You bet!

Especially when it features Wildlife by Bernadotte, whose subjects most definitely belong outside! Like this fellow the wild Boar. for instance. 

Or the stealthy fox, doing his best to plump up for the long winter ahead.

Bernadotte, a Czech porcelain manufacturer, is recognized by the distinctive shape and relief on its porcelain blanks, which are then decorated with images. 



I love the nubbly texture of the raised relief on the shoulder of the plates, with its ripples and folds.

Each plate has a different central motif of animal or bird. The outer edges have a consistent pattern of two horns, and two species of wildlife peculiar to each plate.

I set this table with eight of the ten plates I have. I believe there are twelve available plates, though Replacements lists dinner plate #13, that seems like a very strange number. Perhaps there were two versions of one plate that were produced. The pattern has been discontinued, but eBay had a good selection when I picked them up a couple of years ago.

Trader Joe’s obliged with a good selection of flowers, as the garden is definitely past its prime. Moss covered planter boxes make an easy base for an outdoor, woodsy-themed setting.

I was able to supplement Trader Joe’s deep red alstroemeria and rusty coloured mums with some late blooming hydrangea from the garden and some green berries from a local shrub. Kind of a floral public/private partnership!

A small duck tureen from Spode glided in.

Aren’t they fun plates?


My trusty forest green plaid napkins from Pier 1 and wooden Acacia chargers from Amazon were a natural fit.

Along with my much-loved Amber Stem Julia Depression and Amber Swirl Glasses (Williams Sonoma, long discontinued). That duck seems to be giving me a reproachful look. I mentioned you earlier!

Ok. Here you go. People can see your other side now. Yes, you are very lovely sitting on your nest of colourful leaves.

It was a bright sunny day, and I needed to snap these photos before the wind came up and it got too cold, so the lighting is not the best. That’s the difference between a blogger and a professional photographer, I believe. Only the pros are willing to wait around in the freezing cold for the perfect light, or tear down and reset the “shoot” if the weather isn’t right. We amateurs have other things to do!

I did manage to get back out later in the day and take some shots with the candles lit. We would have needed outdoor heaters and lots of blankets to enjoy a dinner outside, that’s for sure. But it sure was puuuurty.

We’re back home in Canada now, still wending our way through contractor’s drop sheets, but definitely down to the short strokes. The closet people finish today (a chorus of heavenly hosts sing Alleluia). The ensuite awaits an elusive plumbing part and the glass for the shower stall. The electricians are reputed to be returning today (fingers crossed) to finish installing the sconces. Impatient, they departed yesterday while one of their colleagues was cutting the freshly painted wood panelling to accommodate the gem junction boxes for the sconces. You can see the holes in the panelling over the vanity  Had I realized what was happening, I might have tied them to the porch railing rather than let them leave before the job was finished – just kidding, sort of…  

I’ve hung temporary “sheers” with fabric I had leftover from a much earlier project, using flimsy spring-loaded cafe-curtain rods. At least it gives us some privacy. I was toying with the idea of using gathered sheers of 36″ length on the lower portion of the windows and leaving the top open but quickly discovered the line of sight from the upstairs windows of our neighbour’s house leads right into our bathroom, exactly where one emerges from the shower. So, scratch that idea. Shutters maybe? 

Mirrors from Wayfair, towel stand and bars, robe hooks, tissue holder and bath mats from Restoration Hardware are in transit. I waited until we saw everything in situ before making decisions on those finishing pieces. I’m also going back and forth between Vogue Magazine Cover and Botanical prints for artwork. I’ve decided to order both and see which looks better. They’re going into the squares of panelling you see on the right-hand wall above the tub and perhaps one centred above the fireplace, though I also have an oval mirror with a silver gilt frame from the old ensuite that might look good in that spot.

Here is one of the Vogue covers. They’re available from Heritage Posters on Etsy. They’ve got quite a selection, and couldn’t be more helpful in getting them shipped here to Canada. I love the dramatic nature of the Art Deco era prints. These are 16″ x 22″ and using a simple black frame without matting, they would almost fill the 24″ x 24″ spaces in the panelling.

The reproduction Loudon Botanical prints are from Love The Print. They’re 11 x 14″, and being a bit more formal in nature, would likely look better with a generous matting. We could take the frames out to 19″ x 20″, so the overall picture would be similar to the Vogue prints. Here is one of them with mostly blue flowers. 

Everything comes unframed, so those decisions will be made once I decide on which route to take. What do you think? Art Deco or Botanical? 

Oh, and for anyone wondering about Dundee, he was incredibly calm on the nine-hour drive, emerging from his SleepyPod a couple of times to chow down and use the facilities. His two sisters are old hands on the journey and didn’t put up any fuss, either.  As you can see, he has found a substitute blankie here in Canada and is none the worse for wear.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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