They’re growing up too quickly! Dundee is now north of six pounds and bigger than our little Calico, Ronnie. Still utterly diabolical, he’s climbing screens, baiting the other cats and snoozing his days away. At just over 12 weeks, Clementine is an astonishing 20+ pounds and eating like a horse. She’s moved from Pork Chop to Furry Rump Roast.

We’ve enjoyed their “help” getting ready for Christmas. Now, what have we here?

Dad!  Dad! Whatcha doing??

Are you sure that’s safe? I’ve got the toolbox right here! What do you want me to pass?

What kind of screwdriver did you say? Robertson? Phillps?

Good thing we rescued this ornament. Mmmmm, delicious. Want some, Dundee?

This Christmas preparation gig is exhausting. I’ll just stretch out and take a nap

Stretch a little further.

And do the fully Andy Warhol.

Let me step outside and check the backyard for intruders before I settle in.

I’ve found and captured their break-in tools. We should be safe. Whew!.

So now I can relax and catch a snooze.

It’s a lot of work growing up! Don’t you find it worrying?

Not in the least. Just chill.

That advice can apparently be taken too far. Behold Dundee in a dead sleep, right before he rolled off the couch. His startled expression upon hitting the floor was priceless. Wish I’d caught it on camera.

He may be a lot bigger, and a cool cat, but he still loves his cuddles from Taylor.

Beatrice, one of Entertablement’s readers, shared this video of Simon’s Cat, that perfectly captures cats “helping at Christmas”. Thank you, Beatrice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little pet break in your preparations for the holiday season. My friends in the retail business tell me this weekend and next are the busiest of the whole year. Yikes. With any luck, you’re out of the fray, catching a few minutes of respite, munching on some Christmas goodies or watching a Christmas movie such as Love Actually or The Holiday while leisurely wrapping some gifts. However you’re spending it, please have a safe and happy weekend.

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