The sunny, cheerful faces of sunflowers herald the waning days of summer, bringing a bit of melancholy in their wake.

In France, they’re called tournesols – tourner is to turn and sol is for sun. While they do turn east to west when they’re young, by the time sunflowers reach their mature stature of 6 to 12 feet, the flowers remain in an eastward facing position. It seems the blooms share our all-too-human tendency to rigidity as we age. 🙂

Les Domaines, a set of six salad plates by Williams Sonoma, was produced in the early 2000s, and celebrates estates or properties, including one with fields of sunflowers, for which France is so famous.

The blue and white palette is welcome at any time of the year and looks particularly fresh beside the deep yellow of the sunny sunflower. The Brasserie Blue Banded dinner plates are also by Williams Sonoma, and they’re currently available.

A French vineyard is at the forefront of this scene of a village, complete with castle and church.

Here the grapes are being gathered, barrels at the ready (a bit prematurely, one might think, but it makes for an interesting scene).

Simple Libbey Cobalt iced tea glasses provide rich colour to the table.

Fields of lavender adorn this salad plate.

The octagonal jug holding the sunflowers is from Pottery Barn a few years ago. The wide mouth of the jug and the sturdy overall shape make it perfect to support the heavy, thick stems of sunflowers. Their Costa Nova Beja Rimmed Pitcher has similar attributes.

I picked up the deep gold coloured napkins from Pier 1 a few years back. I had my doubts about their usefulness at the time – the colour is quite arresting. But they’ve proved more useful than I anticipated. This year Pier 1 has some Field Plaid ones in the same tones. 

While we’re on the topic of linens, the runner was from Amazon. That particular one is gone, but here is something along the same lines.

Ah, la belle France, with its country properties compete with orchards.

And fruit being picked the old fashioned way – with a ladder.

I thought the wheelbarrow open salts from Pottery Barn were most apt in the rural setting.

You’re leaving us too soon, as always, summer. 

This picture makes me chuckle. You can tell it’s late in the season at our place. Look at all the Golden Retriever pockmarks on the lawn. Thank goodness for lawn repair stuff and a good watering system. 

Let’s make the most of the brilliant sunshine fading to balmy evenings while they last. 

And enjoy our final weekend before the Labour Day weekend. 

Here’s to summer, and sunflowers, warm days and for all you parents, kids heading back to school. Yeah!

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