Have a cuppa?

It’s the British cure for whatever ails you and seems particularly apropos in this hustle-bustle week. Whether navigating Thanksgiving preparations, Christmas arrangements, Zooming or Google meeting, it seems everyone is a bit … ahem, testy. It’s too early in the day for wine, so let’s have a cup of tea and Joey’s Apple Cake.

It’s even better with whipped cream and caramel drizzled on top.

The vintage antelope Art Deco teapot, cream and sugar and pitcher were an eBay find a few years ago. Aren’t they fun? There were just four pieces available. I liked the unusual square shape, with the neutral grey-pebbled background displaying the leaping antelopes.

Naturally, imitation antler napkin rings horned in on the act. They were on deep discount from Ballard designs around the same time I picked up the tea set. 

Unexpectedly fragile (probably explains the discount), one of them arrived broken, but I managed to glue it back together without too much trouble. 

Vintage horn-handled tea knives and forks continued the theme and took their place with Wedgwood Williamsburg Green Shell-edge creamware,  

Plain old oak leaves with still-green acorns made an easy and natural centrepiece.

The leaves make a charming backdrop for the tablesetting.


With a few simple elements, something delicious to nosh on and a soothing cup of tea, I feel better already. How about you?

Let’s all just take a deep breath, count our blessings and give thanks. Whether celebrations are large or small, indoors or out, let’s focus on what we can influence and let the rest right itself over time.

Another piece of cake? More tea?

That’s right, just sit right down and I’ll put on the kettle and make us a fresh cup.

Help yourself to cake, and let me pass you the caramel sauce. Do you take milk in your tea?

Wishing all my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving!