I adore the flowering trees of April and May, but I’ve always clucked disapprovingly at the incredible mess left behind by the all-too-short-blooming magnolia flower. The pleasure-to-aggravation ratio seems way off. BUT – let’s not look a gift-flower in the mouth. Seize the day!

I’d been mulling what I could possibly do with magnolia blossoms as we passed a magnificently blooming tree on one of our daily walks with the dogs. The pink verges on magenta, and I recalled the Chinoiserie plates from Pottery Barn several years ago. 

Voila! A table.

The green bamboo patterned tablecloth is a fairly new purchase, from Pomegranate. The rest of the items are happy repeats. The glasses came from Williams Sonoma many years ago; the cutlery is discontinued from World Market.

The Chinoiserie plate from Pottery Barn was a one-off; there were only the dinner plates and some bamboo style appetizer plates in the series, I believe. The crazing is embedded in the pattern – part of the “vintage look”, it seems, but is an aspect of which I could live without. I liked the pagoda, however, and the shades of teal and green. The green scalloped edge dinner plate is Aerin from Williams Sonoma, no longer available but can sometimes be snagged on eBay.


My biggest and most pleasant surprise with the magnolias is how they opened up at night and scented the entire room. The fragrance was heavenly. Alas, it was for one day only. The following morning they were turning brown and acting disagreeable. 

Oh well. They didn’t owe us anything. And they will live on in photographic form.

Happy Sunday, all! We are finally getting some warm weather and hope to spend the afternoon walking on the beach at low tide. Good for the soul and for the feet.