I feared for the Lilies of the Valley when we elected to plant a fledgling pink dogwood tree in the middle of the patch last year.

I needn’t have worried, apparently. We had a bumper crop. Despite their delicate appearance, they are one tough plant.

Mrs Alice produces a series of plates with this scalloped edging, and I was thrilled with the Lilies of the Valley version. There is just enough coverage of the plate, though I will acknowledge that the leaf depiction is faintly reminiscent of a marijuana plant.

She has another set this year; to me, it’s just too much of a good thing. Somehow the heaviness of the green edging overwhelms the delicacy of the branch of flowers. Oh well, to each their own—different strokes and all that.

I chose Sophia dinner plates by Ralph Lauren from the late 90s as the base; the clear porcelain chimes with the ceramic of the salad plate.

All are placed on scalloped-edged linens atop a Nira Blue blue tablecloth by Amanda Lindroth (discontinued).

The glasses are Cleo Blue by Cambridge depression glass. I used the footed tumbler for water and the water goblets for wine.

A combination of Delphine blue glass vases (Mrs Alice)  and a Mason’s Quail Blue jug held small bouquets of lilies of the valley.

Gilt-edged blue and white open salts joined in for fun.

We’ve had a patch of lovely spring weather. A bit cool, but that has extended the life of the valley’s lilacs and lilies, so I’m not complaining.

It’s always a happy day when I can set up outside and enjoy the sunshine.

We had heavy rain last night, so it’s a perfect day to do some weeding. Just before the storm hit, I got the peony supports in place yesterday, so they’re safe and sound from any onslaught. They’re just about to burst into bloom. I can’t wait!

Happy Sunday, all!