Here is one turkey looking forward to Thanksgiving—Fitz and Floyd’s Omnibus Turkey Tureen is taking centre stage. He joins Woodland Wild Turkey dinner plates by Johnson Brothers and Wildwood Leaves salad plates from Pier 1.

We have lots of wild turkeys in the Cape, but I’ve never seen one quite as colourful as Omnibus Turkey, especially when viewed from the back.

Look at him sitting there, so proud to be included. “I may be hollow, but I’m not shallow”, he is thinking.

Longtime readers know my weakness for tureens, large and small. A couple of years ago, I managed to snag a couple of small (discontinued) World Market turkey tureens on eBay and was mulling over how best to style them. They’re oven-proof, ideal for baking desserts or serving dishes for hot items like stuffing. The cream-coloured turkey salt & pepper shakers had also been around for a while.

So I dug out Wild Woodland Turkey dinner plates by Johnson Brothers, which I had previously styled in muted, natural shades.

I love the rims of the plates, filled with detailed etchings of birds and delicate floral motifs.

Though mainly brown transferware. the colourful turkeys in the centre are hand-tinted.

That got me thinking that perhaps there was a colourful turkey tureen out there somewhere with my name on it. It was still early in the season—sane people were still thinking about summer, not turkey tureens. Fitz & Floyd’s Omnibus Turkey Tureen was languishing in a vendor’s shop on eBay, dying to be chosen. Pick me! Pick me! 

Once he arrived, we chatted about how he would like to be showcased. He pointed out the colourful leaves which graced the log on which he was resting. He then turned and displayed his tail. Ah! Colour! You want to be surrounded by lots of colour!

Wildwood Leaves from Pier 1 instantly came to mind. They’re nothing if not colourful.

I thought I couldn’t do better than employing the acid green glasses with which the plates had previously been combined.

It was still summer when I set this table. The sun was shining, the garden still blooming. It seemed a perfect opportunity to get into the autumn mood and snap a few shots.

The tablecloth decision came very late in the game. I needed something to ground the disparate elements, and the taupe buffalo check did the trick. It worked well to coordinate the pieces, including the amber glass candlesticks from Mrs. Alice. I also brought out the barley twist wooden candlesticks and forgot to put candles in them. Oh well…

The embroidered napkins are a long-held item. There is a matching runner, but it would have been overkill.

Sunshine and a happy turkey tureen make a satisfying tablescape. Gobble, gobble!

I hope Thanksgiving plans are coming together for my American readers. It’s such a huge holiday in the US, and I have always been in awe of households who manage to get Christmas arranged hard on the heels of Thanksgiving.

Christmas preparations are in full swing here north of the border, though we are holding off here at Entertablement as painters are due to arrive in a couple of weeks to freshen up the main floor. It’s time!! Our kitchen was installed twenty years ago and looks a bit beat up around the baseboards and lower cabinet faces. So, this year, I’ll be in lockstep with my American friends in getting Christmas decor up during the last week of November. It’s good to challenge yourself once in a while, I told myself. Let’s see if I’m still of the same mind in a few weeks. 🙂

Have a good Sunday, all.