I have always loved French blue and when my collection began to grow, I turned to this colourway with enthusiasm.

The colour of hydrangeas, it makes a beautiful summer table when combined with blue Venetian glass goblets and Moser wine glasses. The little quail salt & pepper shakers give the setting a whimsical touch.


Moving clockwise from the left, the plates are a dessert plate by Spode (R7287), a Limoges service plate by Wm. Guerin, a dinner plate by Royal Doulton (RB1137) and a dessert service by Spode Copelands (R66890).  They were purchased over a number of years from Elise Abrams Antiques, Country Dining Room Antiques and Replacements Ltd.

I couldn’t resist this pair of  Venetian glass salt cellars with the swan master salt, and was lucky enough to find these French Blue hand-painted goblets and some plain Venetian blue & gold goblets that looked very well with them, all at Elise Abrams Antiques.

Some time later, Elise found me six cream soup cups and saucers in two slightly different sizes by Spode (H4092 and H4092B).