A large extended family has several advantages, not least of which is a hearty collective appetite, providing inspiration for variations on classic dishes such as Chicken Pot Pie –  With A Twist. It also serves as impetus to create an attractive, seasonal table at which to enjoy the meal.


Green linens from Williams Sonoma provided the background for the Twelve Days of Christmas collection dessert plates from Pottery Barn.This is a charming, affordable set that comes in a sturdy container for easy off-season storage. Update for 2016: Pottery Barn was selling this set again this year. It’s out of stock on their website, but may still be available in some stores.


The dinner plates are Oxford Gold by Royal Doulton from Replacements. The glasses are antique Moser from Country Dining Room Antiques. The glass candlesticks and pillar candles are from Pottery Barn.The gold charges and napkin rings are from Chintz & Co. I picked up the large stained glass votives years ago from sources not clear to me now.