It’s been a marvellous holiday season, and the time has come to denude the house of its festive decor. I often turn to a fairly stark black & white theme in January as a respite from the glorious excess of Christmas, but this year I wanted something different. Scanning Pinterest and some of my favourite websites for inspiration, the dark floral theme caught my attention.

Oragne Parrot Tulips Creamware-3

I bought this tablecloth and the coordinating napkins some years ago and have always loved it. It contrasts beautifully with creamware and the vibrant shades of regular and parrot tulips. Earlier in the week, I had picked up the parrot tulips from a green grocer in Toronto who often has them in January. He was most apologetic about their condition – they had something called “water stem”, which results in the stem dissolving under your fingers as you try to arrange them. Most frustrating. He gave them to me at no cost, so I was game to give them a try. A couple of bunches of regular orange and yellow tulips did the trick. I surrounded the parrot tulips with their stronger brethren, held the bunches together with elastic bands, then clipped the stems fairly short. Voila. A bountiful arrangement.

Oragne Parrot Tulips Creamware-4

The Juliska Graham Green glasses reflect some of the other colours in the print and the leaves in the tulips.

Oragne Parrot Tulips Creamware-2

While I’m sad to see the end of the holiday season, I’m wonderfully inspired by the rich and vibrant possibilities for the New Year. May your year be filled with good health, true friends and exciting adventures. Happy New Year everyone!

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