These little rascals tell an amusing story. Who, me?

Yes, you. And your brother, diving into the centre of a bed of flowers.

Aaaannd … coming out the other side.

Before we bought the Cape House in 2009, Glenn and I used to spend the occasional night at Blantyre, a country house hotel in Lenox, Massachusetts, on our way to a vacation cottage rental in Cape Cod. Now that we have our own place, we usually have a car full of animals, rendering the overnight stays a happy thing of the past.

If your breakfast order at Blantyre included steel-cut oatmeal, you were lucky enough to have it served in one of these bunny bowls. The hotel had bought a bunch of them when Fitz and Floyd first produced the Bunny Hollow Collection and they formed a charming modern addition to their extensive collection of antique tableware, for which they were renowned. 

There is a girl bunny…

…and a boy bunny. He is naughtily leaping into the flowers, so only his back legs show.

..which always worried me a little bit when I ordered the oatmeal. I didn’t want him to be too uncomfortable down there, dipped in oatmeal…

The bowls were extremely popular, and not just among the female guests. Everyone loved them, and we were all concerned as the supplies dwindled as the years took their toll on these delicate treasures. Finally, the bowls were retired from use when the hotel was down to one of each, boy and girl.

We had sat down to breakfast sometime in 2009 when I was very disappointed to notice new tableware in use. The table next to us was more than disappointed. The gentleman had received his oatmeal and was lamenting “First the market crash, now no bunny bowls???”  He was kidding, sort of. We all ate our very delicious breakfasts in the nice, modern china they had selected, but it wasn’t the same. 

While I had been collecting tableware for years, I was new to eBay, and these were my first foray. I managed to track down one of the boy bowls, and added another one and one girl over the next couple of years.  The third type is not part of the Bunny Hollow series, but it works quite well.

She’s quite pretty, and I do love the flowers on the base of the tureen. The soft pastel colours all work together. I’m now on the lookout for a couple more, as we are one short if all five granddaughters want oatmeal at the same time, and I’d like to have a spare, just in case.

I set this table sometime last spring, and tucked the bulbs from the centrepiece into the garden when they had done their thing. We shall see if they return this year with blooms. I’ve had good luck with that, especially if you can get them into the garden and settled fairly quickly after they’ve finished blooming. Mascari and larger hyacinths have been particularly cooperative, though tulips can be a bit tricky. I’m never sure if it’s the replanting or just the hungry deer on the tulips; deer don’t like hyacinths or daffodils, so they remain unmolested.

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