I love a great pasta bowl. It’s all about the depth; t needs to be deep enough to contain a surfeit of sauce, and shallow enough to twirl a fork gracefully.

These Sunset Rooster bowls from Pier 1 fit the bill nicely. They call them “dinner bowls”, likely a nod to their potential use for stew, paella, or other one-dish meals.

The colourway is unusual – Southwestern colours that warm the heart all year round.

I teamed them up with some cheerfully striped napkins in a heavy linen fabric from Williams Sonoma many years ago. 

The rooster motif was an added bonus. There are four of the faithful fowl on yellow, orange, red and mustardy-green glazed bowls. I really like the way the outside of the bowl is fully coloured.

The swirl pattern on the inner edge of the bowl is relaxed and flowing.

Each rooster is different.

But they’re unified by the soft, watercolour effect of the sketches. I think I like the yellow one the best. The rooster is so colourful.

The white open worked ceramic rooster figure came from Pier 1 a couple of years ago and the brown speckled one came from Home Goods.

The red rooster open salts are from Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

The glasses in a shade of acidy-green are from Williams Sonoma several years ago. I didn’t think I’d get much use out of them because they’re a bit of a weird colour, but they’re proved quite useful.

The flatware is Danieli from World Market and still available. The chargers are Acacia wood and from Amazon. 

it’s a cloudy day here on the Cape, perfect for catching up on household chores, deadheading roses and sorting photographs. We bid kids and grandkids goodbye this morning after a few wonderful days on the beach together. There is nothing better than watching children splashing in the waves, floating on a giant inflatable duck (this year’s “floaty”), paddling in the tide pools, hunting for hermit crabs, snails, tiny shrimp and minnows to be housed temporarily in buckets before they’re returned to the ocean to swim another day.

We warded off the sudden, silent stillness of the house with a long walk on the beach at the super-low tide, which happens a few days a month. What a gift; almost three full hours to enjoy strolling along the hard sand with shallow waves lapping gently over your feet.  Gotta love the summer!

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