Hi there! It’s Maxcera Bunny speaking. Is it time? Can we come out yet?

It’s still a bit chilly, but green shoots are popping up, and I’m hopping to go. I see a basket of flowers to nibble on, and hey – what are these things? 

Little cabbages!

Let me hop closer…

What are these called again? Asparagus?

And peas!! Yum. I love peas.

It’s a beautiful day. A bit chilly, but I’ve got my fur. To keep me warm. 

And my friends to visit with! We’re just hanging out on the green leafy tablecloth and enjoying the day.

We each have a few flowers nearby to look at.

Water glasses in case we need a drink.

And napkins to make ourselves tidy. And more big leaves to eat.

Please come and join us! 

Hooray, hooray! Spring is on its way.