They’re on their way!  In the garden, daffodil leaves are sprouting, inching higher with each warm day. Beneath, the soil holds captured sunshine: Narcissus Poeticus (the poet’s daffodil) stately King Alfreds and diminutive Baby Moons, whose tiny bulbs joined their garden mates last year, once the cheery flowers had finished bringing us early joy.

I can never resist buying pots of Baby Moons. For starters, the flower to leaf ratio is outstanding. A few dollars and happiness is yours for a week or more. Don’t they look like they’re singing? No wonder we describe daffodils as “trumpets.”

It’s been pretty chilly but very bright. A warm coat solves the former, and I’m eager to embrace the latter. So outside we go to set the table!

Tivoli Gardens by Mikasa was a new pattern a couple of years ago; it’s out of stock at Mikasa but available through Amazon and a few other sellers.

One is spoiled for choice in what colours to highlight.

In a previous table, I emphasized the blues.

Today, yellow took a bow, from the flowers to the cheerful gingham napkins.

Tivoli Gardens is a warm white with the deceptively delicate but durable properties of bone china, from which it is made. The plates are quite flat, with the dinner plate’s decoration confined to the rim, leaving the centre bare to showcase the food.

The flowers spill beguilingly up from the bottom and into the center of the salad plate.

The bowl is a lovely size for fruit or cereal, and the mug’s gently flared tulip shape and comfortable handle renders it perfect for tea or coffee. It’s become a favourite spring everyday pattern here at Entertablement.

The pattern sports various shades of green, some delicate, others bold, and certainly up for midcentury green Colonial Dame glasses by Fostoria.

Small, chubby birds in their wire nest basked in the sunshine (Pier 1, now defunct).

Galvanized napkin rings in the shape of houses (Pier 1) just seemed to fit, the shade consistent with the pewter flatware (World Market, discontinued; similar available at Pottery Barn for a much heftier price tag. coincidentally also named Tivoli)

The promise of spring! 

Do you think she’s going to leave us out here all day? I hope so!

We get to nestle under those bee-you-ti-ful flowers.

And enjoy the sunshine.

I hope you can do the same, dear readers! Happy Sunday.