Snow, snow, snow. Every time we get it cleared away, more arrives. The dogs love it; the grandchildren love it, Us oldies? Not so much.

Longing for warm weather, when I could clip fresh herbs from the garden, I picked up some pots of herbs from the grocery store and was inspired to include them in a tablescape.

I managed to get some rather weedy looking basil and a bit of somewhat more prepossessing rosemary; well, beggars can’t be choosers in February.

Watercolour Botanicals salad plates came from Pier One a few years ago. The soft, tranquil shades of sage green and turquoise are very appealing. So I styled them with Emerson pewter-rimmed plates from Juliska.

The footed glasses, Park Lane Blue by Colony Glass, came from eBay a few years back. I like the sturdy nature of the short, squat shape with the square bases.

The rich turquoise/denim blue tones picked up shades on both plates and the birdhouse.

We had to have a birdhouse! Because we have little pewter-coloured birds acting as place card holders…

…as well as a set of pewter salt and pepper shakers. This set came from Blantyre Country House Hotel in the Berkshires years ago, but I’ve since seen them described as the Kirtland Warbler and are available from

The one at the back looks downright cross. What a scowl!

Tiny modern white ramekins act as open salts.

There are four different illustrations on the plates, all stylized watercolour etchings.

Perfect for a tranquil yet uplifting setting.

Some cheerful pots of daisies swelled the ranks of the botanicals.

A silvery-grey birdhouse added to the bird theme. The ever-ravenous Clementine observes me closely as I set the table (do you think she’s going to add food? And give us some???) Taylor snoozes happily in the background.

The humans are all eager for the snow to pack up and GO!! 

I agree! Says the little silver bird—time for us to be chirping and cheeping and building our nest.

Amen to that.

I’ve been busy cooking, photography and assembling the Entertablement Spring Quarterly. All the photos are now in place, and I’m busy with the text. It should be available in the next couple of weeks. Here is a quick snap of the cover. No wonder I have spring-itis.

Stay warm and well, all!