After a decade of creating content for Entertablement, I have learned a number of things, principally about the various tasks associated with publishing blogs, books and magazines. My preferences, in order:

Love: dreaming up designs for table settings, arranging flowers, setting tables, experimenting with new recipes, travel photography

Neutral: hauling table accoutrements, grocery shopping and food prep, kitchen clean-up, processing photographs

Loathe with the heat of a thousand suns: technology for Kindle. I. Give. Up.

Entertablement is pleased to present our Spring Quarterly 2022. Simply click on the link and the publication will magically appear.

We have also converted the Autumn and Winter editions of our Quarterly to flipbooks. You can view them on your desktop, iPad or other mobile devices; no special downloads or apps are required. 

I feel better already.

Enjoy, all!